1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS (divided by 100) feat00:48

1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS (divided by 100) feat. MacGyver

Video of 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS (divided by 100)
Released November 21, 2008
Made by Toby Turner
Featuring Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver)

1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS is a song Toby (Tobuscus) wrote back in 2008 when he reached 10,000 subscribers. It also features Richard Dean Anderson's (MacGyver) photos and how elderly women particularily enjoy his works.


  • I just reached the landmark of 10,000 subscribers,
  • I've no doubt that soon I'll pull more tail than MacGyver.
  • Hopefully the tail I pull won't be from the same demographic.
  • Richard Dean Anderson should make a YouTube, he would get some traffic.
  • My grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Your grandma likes MacGyver,
  • His grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Her grandma likes MacGyver.
  • Wow this song just took a wicked turn onto a tangent...
  • (pause)
  • My great-grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Your great-grandma likes MacGyver,
  • His great-grandma likes MacGyver,
  • Her great-grandma liked MacGyver.


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