This is a list of characters that have been seen or have been mentioned by other characters in Animated Tobuscus.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Tobuscus is the man who mischievous and foolish. He was trying to crazy to people and Gabe.
  • Gabe Hohreiter (or Gabuscus) is the deuteragonist of the Tobuscus Animated Adventures and the only sane character.

Others CharactersEdit

Appearence in Songs and EpisodesEdit

  • Tim Tim is a baby who got saved and helped by Tobuscus in the songs. He always loves Tobuscus, he wants to sign his shirt, and he got hit by a car in Adventures. He was scared because the Dr. Pepper Truck was destructed in the Adventures

Appearence in SongsEdit

Appearence in StoriesEdit

  • Demon Baby is a little baby who got hated by his mother.
  • Demon Mommy is a Demon Baby's mother who hate her son.

Appearence in ShortsEdit

Tobuscus AdventuresEdit

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