• MilezTailzPrower

    Some of you may have already heard about the rape allegations against Tobusus from his ex-girlfriend, April Fletcher. I only heard about this two days ago and I'm trying to learn as much about this event as I can. Currently, I have only managed to watch a video about this by another one of Toby's ex-gf, Jaclynn Glenn. 

    My current position is that I don't know. As WikiBuscus, I think the wiki will naturally shift the opinion to Toby's side. I want the wiki to state facts and not opinions. If it's proven that Fletcher lied, this wiki will call her out as a lier but if it's proven if Toby actually did rape her, this wiki accept that fact.

    This is a sad time for all Tobuscus fans and let's all hope that the allegations are false. ~MilezTailzProw…

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  • MilezTailzPrower

    Some Changes.

    January 13, 2015 by MilezTailzPrower

    Recently the Wikia staff has accepted my adoption request, and now I am a Admin! So I will be making a few changes for the better. Note: I will not be a dictator.

    Here's a short list of the changes:

    Message Walls

    I will enable the Message Walls.


    I will make some theme changes, such as adding a wallpaper.


    I do have experience and knowledge of MediaWiki pages, so I will be working with them.


    Please note the plural: I will be making XxKoopaTroopaxX a admin since he has helped the wiki a lot in the past.


    That's right. Before now, spammers and trolls can get away. Now we can ban them!


    I will also enable forums.

    Homepage Protection

    I will protect the homepage due to it being vandalized in the past.

    Article Deletion

    A lot of crap…

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  • XxKoopaTroopaxX

    My favourite Tobuscus moment is the first ever Happy Wheels episode where he was killed by the owl in the tree XD. The point of this is the following: What is your favourite Tobuscus Moment?

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  • MilezTailzPrower

    I remember about a year ago, Tobuscus was making commercials for Cartoon Network. What happened to that?

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  • Vamp knight addict

    Ok so a month ago I was converting videos onto my laptop (Tobuscus videos) and I stumbled across Whislte while I work.

    The three main people in the music video is

    • Chester See
    • Wayne Brady
    • Toby Turner

    The music video is mainly about the club they are in

    when the line ' I whislte while I work it' they start to thrust their pelvis simuntainiosly (sorry pretty crap at spelling that word :/)

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  • Fire add water

    Tips n tricks

    October 4, 2013 by Fire add water

    Hay anyone know good tips and tricks for editing/ adding pages?

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  • Fire add water


    October 4, 2013 by Fire add water

    Hello everyone! What's your favorite toby game series, thing?

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  • Fire add water


    October 4, 2013 by Fire add water

    What's your favourite trailer? What trailer should toby do?

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  • Joshopoke


    May 7, 2013 by Joshopoke


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  • DJCannon

    Dragonbuscus' Dogma

    April 11, 2013 by DJCannon

    I think tobuscus should play dragon's dogma,

    who agrees/disagrees and why, i think it would be awesome + publicity for DD, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen 4/23

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  • NinjaFatGuy


    December 27, 2012 by NinjaFatGuy

    Hello for any Audience reading this blog post, but there are no admins at this wiki! I was wondering if I could get your guys' opinion on my request for adminship. Just say "Yes" if you think I should become the admin, or "No" if you think I don't need to be an admin. I am also an admin on the PewDiePie Wiki, so I have great admin experience Thank you to all who supported!

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  • Link The Hero of Time

    Hello guys, I've noticed there are no admins anywhere to be found here on this wiki, and I'm wondering if I should adopt this wiki. We can work hard to make this wiki powerful and a great Tobuscus source! So what do you say? Should I adopt this wiki?

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  • Thecattygrl

    Ranked Number One!

    August 17, 2012 by Thecattygrl

    Yes! I am ranked above the creator!

    To all of you guys who are anonymous and doing those amazing edits, you really should just log in...

    I hardly make that many edits. I should not have this position.


    I'd like it if you went and read my Doctor Who\Tobuscus fic - Stop Vlogging In My TARDIS.

    Also, I've got a collab story with TheMastersDaughter - Tobuscus The 12th Doctor.

    I'd put a gif in here, but alas, only Tumblr gives me that.

    Instead, enjoy this picture of Toby in a Santa hat.

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  • Sackchief

    Someone should seriously adopt this wiki. It has so much potential. I'm willing to do it, I do have beauraucrat experience over at the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Wiki.

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  • Thecattygrl

    HaHa! Ten Badges!

    June 16, 2012 by Thecattygrl

    Hey, Guys!

    I know you honestly have no interest in what I'm saying, but I'm making this blog anyway.


    What we have here is a very important situation. I've been working on this one picture for, like, ever and I just can't seem to get Toby's hair right. It's annoying as all anything.

    Also, does anyone else think Toby looks a little like David Tennant? I do.

    Well, other than my badge count, I don't have much to say so... BYE!

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  • Thecattygrl

    Fan "Art"

    May 25, 2012 by Thecattygrl

    HEY, Guys~!

    As you can see on the Fan Art page, I put one of my own fics {"YouToby"}... GO READ IT~!

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  • Thecattygrl

    Hey, Guys! Catty here!

    I've come to give you some really annoying translations of "Dramatic Song" including: English, German, Spanish and Japanese. ENJOY! /totally-random\

    This song sounds dramatic but I'm bad at writing words. If you don't speak English, this probably sounds pretty good.

    You'd probably think I'm singing bout some pretty serious stuff. But in reality, I'm singing 'bout the lack of stuff i'm singing 'bout.

    This part's intense. And emotional. As long as you don't understand it.

    Your foreign grandma would love this song.

    Please send it to her, and she'll probably tell her foreign friends about the song her grandson or daughter sent her today.

    This song might hit the charts in her country if parts sounded like Coldplay.

    If the chorus sounds like C…

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  • Hman2121


    May 2, 2012 by Hman2121

    Hey sorry about the thing on Toby doodles I love tobuskes and if you want you can write an article on cobra vs McDonald s wiki

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