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The fourth Tobuscus Adventure where Tobuscus and Gabuscus go to a coffee shop.

Plot (Scene 1/2)Edit

Tobuscus is bored (as he is in the beginning of all adventures so far), so he tells Gabuscus that he wants to do something. Gabuscus suggests he go somewhere by himself, but Tobuscus insists Gabuscus come to. Tobuscus doesn't want to be recognized in public, and the scene goes into a flashback where Tim Tim sees Tobuscus and wants him to sign his shirt. While he is crossing the street, Tim Tim refuses to look both ways, and gets hit by a car. The flashback ends with Tobuscus screaming "What have I done?!" while fire is everywhere in the background. The flashback ends and Gabuscus refuses to believe that it happened, so Tobuscus decides to go "Incognito-Buscus, where he wears a Tobuscus shirt inside-out, due to the fact that he doesn't have any shirts that don't say Tobuscus.

Scene 2/2

Tobuscus is at a coffee shop with Gabuscus. The cashier (voiced by Amanda Peet) asks him what he wants and he says very slowly "coffee". She asks him hot or iced and he says iced, but then looks down at her and begins to say his famous "Hothothothothot". Gabuscus tells her that Tobuscus wants it iced. She then asks him for the money and he gives her his phone number twice. The clerk asks for the name, and Tobuscus replies "Toby. Just plain Toby" and then introduces her to Gabuscus. He starts to turn his shirt the right way and she asks him if he's Tobuscus (pronouncing it To-biscus) and when he answers yes, she begins to write her phone number.  Tobuscus then leans over to Gabuscus saying "I'll teach you someday, Gabuscus". She hands the phone number over, but just as Tobuscus says "Thank you" she hands it to Gabuscus. Tobuscus begins stuttering after she says "Call me" to Gabuscus. Gabuscus puts the phone number in Tobuscus's face saying "Hot... hot... HOT!"

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