Chicken Friends
The Chicken Friends are a pair of passive mobs that appear in Toby's second episode of Minecraft. The first chicken friend is seen at the end of episode one. However, this Chicken Friend is killed and Toby gets some raw chicken to put in his backpack (or pocket as he sometimes calls it). A pair of chickens came after Toby made his first house of safety hole, and Toby decided to call them "Chicken Friends".

At some point, all the chicken friends disappear and Toby jokingly went to go ask a skeleton if he'd seen them or not. But Toby had low health then so he ran off back to his safety hole. Toby stated to "venture forth back into my safety hole!"

A new pair of chickens come along but Toby begins killing them to get some chicken to eat. But he only does this when his food bar is low. He rarely kills his chicken friends when he has a high food bar.

Once, Toby thought one of chicken friends was attacking him because it kept getting in front of the screen.

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