iSketch is a browser-based drawing game similar to Pictionary. It was launched by Robert Wahlstedt on June 15, 1999, and is written in Adobe Shockwave.

Toby has an ongoing iSketch series. He posted the first episode on March 4, 2013.


  1. Let's Play iSketch
  2. Disco Bulb
  3. Tim Tim!!
  4. Save Me!!!!
  5. You're Under Arrest!!!
  6. I Win!!
  7. Tobuscus Game Funded!
  8. I Am Not Asleep!!
  9. Complete Failure
  10. Sexy Nun
  11. How To Troll A Troll
  12. How Did He Guess That?
  13. Tobygames Live: iSketch
  14. Answer My Question
  15. No One Guessed It!!
  16. Mom, Save Me!
  17. Darkness Soup
  18. Racist Username
  19. Toilet Party
  20. I Am Tobuscus
  21. French Toby Plays iSketch
  22. Scottish Toby Plays iSketch
  23. Robot Vacuum
  24. Art Party VIP
  25. Game Of Thrones
  26. Forklift
  27. Surfer Bro Dude
  28. Epic Waves
  29. Middle Finger

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