Replaced IEdit

A replacment of The photo of The NeverEnding Story has Toby's Face in it and Falcor's Face in it.

Phone with TextEdit

Toby is holding a phone that is afraid and plops his Talking Phone into his desk.

Umbrella FallEdit

A scene of Tag which Toby holds the umbrella and falls.The Bigger black line is replaced with a Darker Blue Paper and the words are in a different font.


A YouTuber named RichardDeanAnderson with a list of YouTuber's Views Can be seen,with a subscribe button.

Pee Me!!Edit

A scene of Falcor Pees on Toby's web cam.Is stating alot.


A clip of this video shows David Screaming.

Photo without Text IEdit

We see a photo,but,without the words dissapered.

Let's Dance!Edit

An animation made by Toby witch shows Obama dancing and people laghting,later the text SUBSCRIBE is at the bottom.

Whoopsie Daisy!Edit

A picture shows a hand is dead,later it cools.


2 people with the text Joe and Toby and,they're MultiColored.

Replaced IIEdit

An art of a picture can be seen,but with Toby's face in it.

Regina And RomanEdit

During the trailer,2 characters are standing in a picture frame.


The Subscribe Jingle Plays and we see Needy walking,then after 1 second,we see The SUBSCRIBE text is in a different font called:Arial Plain

Kush ProductEdit

The woman is using Kush but with Toby's Face in it.

T-Shirt IEdit

There's a photo of Toby's new T-Shirt that reads:F**k,SHUT UP!

Replaced III (My little Pony Parody)Edit

There's a photo on the left that reads:My Little Toby

Forum WebEdit

We see a forum web


We see Toby with the MTV mic.The Text is Large