The Immortal Wizard of Darkness is the main antagonist in Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards.

Wizard of Darkness
Vital statistics
Title Immortal Wizard of Darkness
Gender Male
Race Wizard
Faction Legion of the Wizard of Darkness
Health N/A
Level Final Boss
Status Unknown
Location Wizard of Darkness' Castle



His eyes when viewed closely

His backstory is unknown. Although he may leave some clues in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Wizard of Darkness appears to be a tall figure who appears to tower over the other characters with a featureless face made of darkness (though if view closely he holds two pale white eyes). He also has a long gray beard reach towards his stomach. He also has having grayish hands and wears a black robe with red accents and holding a latch holding 3 human skulls, and has four large and two small shoulder horns while holding a shoulder-plating on his right arm. He is also holding a tall staff with a grayish-silver dragon's head at the top with red eyes and mouth.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Tornadoes : First shown destroying most of the spells and research

Superhuman Strength : Though it is unknown if he possesses Superhuman Strength, but during the confrontation between Tobuscus and the Wizard of Darkness he threatens to shove the Holy Grail into his chest so he can't die, and then throws him to the sun.

Immortality : He formally possesses immortality in which he cannot die until Tobuscus used the fire and ice runes on a wand to erase the "Im" part of Immortal from the Wizard of Darkness' birth certificate thereby dispelling his power of immortality.

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