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Tobuscus Animated Adventures are animations made by GonzoSSM (Toby's animator) and is a small series with currently a small number of episodes, about 2-5 minutes long. As of Adventure #4, Gonzo is no longer animating as he doesn't have the time to do so. Adventure #4 and so forth, is now animated by Stephanie Throssell and Talia Ellis.

Plot of Adventure 1 : Dead IslandEdit



Tobuscus Animated Adventures

Scene 1/2 | Setting: Toby's House, on a dark and stormy nightEdit

Tobuscus and Gabuscus are sitting on the couch. Almost immediately, Toby says to Gabuscus that he is bored. Annoyed because Toby pronounces it "Gay-buscus" instead of "Gabe-uscus", Gabuscus questions why he has the username. Tobuscus ignores the fact that the name carries a pause, blaming that his brain goes too fast for them. Toby then notices a brochure on the table, advertising a place called "De Island", ignoring the fact that there are smudges on the "De" part, implying that it was erased. The brochure even carries a $30 coupon for a 2 night stay . After Gabuscus proves that he is better at math than Toby, Toby wants to go for a vacation. Gabe refuses to go to a tropical island with Toby, but despite Gabe's refusal, Toby begins yelling at Steven to get them tickets. Gabe then face-palms, knowing that this trip isn't going to end well.

Scene 2/2 | Setting: De Island, a very sunny dayEdit

An excited Toby arrives on the island, alongside a facepalming Gabuscus, and a crashed plane. In the background, zombies are seen roaming around the island. Toby walks up to a corpse of a zombified girl, hits on it, and gives it his number. While Gabe questions if Toby just carries his phone number wherever he goes, the zombie girl stands up and walks towards Toby. While disgusted by the zombie's breath, Toby still declares it attractive. It is then that Gabe notices a bulletin board, revealing that the island is named Dead Island. After reasoning that the two are trapped on an island of zombies, Gabe yells at Toby to run. Toby doesn't want to run so he can stay with the hot zombie, but Gabe tells him to just run. Toby then gets the message when the zombie rips a big chunk of flesh off of him. and pins him to the ground. As Toby yells for Gabe to get him some Neosporin, he reminds him to kill the zombie first, which Gabe does by kicking its head off.


Toby thanks Gabe for saving him as he clutches his wound, as his eyes turn red and his skin turns pale. Gabe welcomes the thanks and cracks a zombie joke. The duo begin to laugh like crazy, until Toby zombifies himself and takes a bite of Gabuscus' neck, pulling him the ground while yelling "GAY-BUSCUS!!" to which Gabe replies as his final words: "ITS GAB-USCUS!!!!!!" and then screams as Toby continues to feast on him.

Plot of Adventure 2: CHRISTMASEdit




Scene 1/3 | Setting: Toby's House, Christmas EveEdit

Tobuscus is writing a letter to Santa Claus. He says the letter out loud while he writes it. Gabuscus asks if Toby has to read the letter while he writes it. Toby says it is to help him focus, unaware that he had just written his rebuttal on the letter. After apologizing in the letter and telling him about his being a "good Buscus", Toby tells Santa that he only wants one thing for Christmas: a Portal Gun. He then signs the letter with "Amen", with Gabe objecting on the grounds that "Amen is for Jesus." Toby is instead proud of this, saying that both Jesus and Santa know what he wants. When finally finished with his letter, Toby asks Gabuscus if he can put it in the mailbox. Gabe agrees, but when he steps outside, he crumples it up then throws it into the snow, a sinister smile on his face.

Scene 2/3 | Setting : Christmas Eve/Day, Nighttime, Toby's still awakeEdit

Later that night, Toby groans and mentions he is bored again. Though he soon realizes that he has been talking to air the whole time. He then calls Gabuscus to tell him that's he's bored. The drowsy Gabe tells him to go to sleep, since it's Christmas. Toby instead whines about what time Santa arrives, causing Gabuscus to ask how old he is. When Toby repeats that he wants to do something, Gabuscus repeats that Toby go to bed, before doing so himself. The stunned Tobuscus then hangs up.

Scene 3/3 | Setting : Santa's ArrivalEdit

Soon, Santa is approaching Toby's neighborhood, using a portal gun to get around. Toby tries to get himself to sleep during this. First, he pretends to snore. When that doesn't help, he tries to pretend that he is in class. Santa falls down from a portal and lands in the bathroom.


Falling onto the toilet, Santa ends up dropping the portal gun in the living room, with the bathroom door hiding his presence. Toby wakes up from the noise, gets out of bed, and sees the portal gun in his house. His immediate reaction is intense glee, shooting Portals through out his house. Santa comes out of the bathroom, telling Toby that the portal gun actually belongs to him, since it replaced his sleigh in 2007(The year the first Portal game was released).Toby understands perfectly and asks if his is in one of the presents under the Christmas tree. Santa invites Toby to find out Toby opens a present and finds a package with another portal gun inside. When he notices that the box says "REPLICA!!" on the side, he asks Santa what the word means. Santa ultimately confesses that the packaged portal gun is not real, giving off a colossal raspberry from Toby in response. Santa tells Toby that the only working portal gun belongs to him. Toby instead tries to trade Santa the replica portal gun in exchange for his working one, though Santa says that he still needs the real one, since he still has to deliver presents to the rest of the world. When Santa mentions that his next stop is China, Toby gets an idea.


Toby then shoots a portal out the the window, which reflects off of a satellite, causing it to land in a random part of China. Toby shoots another portal underneath Santa, who calls Toby a naughty boy while falling into oblivion. With his work done, Toby decides to celebrate. He then makes a portal on the ceiling and the floor, then jumps in, making him fall infinitely. Gabuscus walks in the house to wish his friend a Merry Christmas, but is confused as to why Toby is falling into the floor from the ceiling.

Plot of Adventure 3: Canadian AdventuresEdit



Let's Go to Canada!!!

Scene 1/3 | Setting: Toby's House/The TicketsEdit

Tobuscus gives off one of his usual groans. Gabuscus predictably guesses that Toby is bored. Toby refuses the accusation, mentioning that it's how he breathes... when he's bored. Toby suddenly asks Gabe if he can call his mom (Mombuscus). Gabe flat out refuses, but Toby pleads, since it is apparently his mother's birthday. Gabe agrees that since it is Toby's mom's birthday, he should call her, oblivious to the fact that Toby is scared that his Mom might talk about Farmville. After additional goading from Gabe, Toby explains that his phone doesn't have a service plan. Toby states that he refused the service plan when his cell phone company wanted to lock him into a contract. Toby ultimately admits that he refused the contract because he hates signing documents, due to a ludicrous suspicion that companies might try to sell his signature, causing a loud round of laughter from Gabe. Toby attempts to defend his reasoning by mentioning that the more documents he signs, the more his signature loses its value. Despite Gabe arguing that he doesn't think Toby's signature could be less than worthless, Toby vows never to sign another contract again. Gabe thinks that this will result in Toby losing his phone entirely, but Toby rebukes his logic. He then explains that there is a company known as Rogers that doesn't make its customers sign term contracts, and Rogers' location just so happens to be Canada, even showing a promotional flyer for the company he got in the mail. When Gabe asks why exactly Toby has promotional mail from Canada, Toby just mentions that he's open minded. Gabe further points out that Toby is not actually in Canada. This prompts Toby to ask Steven for tickets, though Gabe stops him to point out the ridiculousness of the situation: Toby is willing to go to Canada simply because Gabe won't call his mom for him to protect the value of his signature; something that is definitely worth less than 2 tickets to Canada. Despite Toby's flawed logic, he yells at Steven to get him the tickets, causing Gabe to facepalm.

Scene 2/3 | Setting: The Plane/Peanut TimeEdit

Toby and Gabe are soon on a flight to Canada. Toby sees that Gabe is incredibly unhappy about the situation and offers him some peanuts. Gabe refuses the peanuts, causing Toby to loudly eat them to convince him to have some, despite Gabe asking him to turn around. Toby asks once more if Gabe wants peanuts, with the grumpy Gabe refusing them again. Toby then asks a stewardess for more bags of peanuts, which he is given. He places one of the bags on Gabe's lap, but Gabe throws the bag at Toby.

Scene 3/3 | Setting: CanadaEdit

Toby and Gabe finally arrive in Canada, with Toby comparing the place to another planet, a statement that Gabe finds incredibly wrong. When Toby mentions that he feels heavier, he insists that Canada has stronger gravity, despite Gabe mentioning that his friend had eaten 37 bags of peanuts. Toby then asks Gabe for his cell phone so he can set up his new service. Though he first invites Gabe to do it for him, asking him for his best impersonation of himself. After finding out that this "impersonation" involves Gabe spazzing around in a goofy voice, Toby decides to call Rogers on his own phone. When the call comes through, Toby believes that "Canadian" is a whole other language that he can speak. Toby then goes on to fulfill his wish: obtaining a service plan without a term contract. The saleswoman on the other end explains that the plan 35 Canadian dollars per month for text and talk exclusively in Canada. Toby accepts the terms and briefly tries to hit on the woman before hanging up. With his new service set up, Toby proceeds to call his mom, wishing her a happy birthday. Toby's mom explains that it is not actually her birthday. Toby apologizes, thinking he is on Canada time, despite Gabe telling him Canada shares time zones with the USA. Toby's mom also mentions that her birthday is four months from now. Toby asks Mom what she is up to, and, much to his fear, confirms that she is playing Farmville, causing Toby to scream and throw his phone away, presumably breaking it.


Hearing the entire call, Gabe puts everything together: it is not Toby's mom's birthday, they are in Canada for no good reason, and Toby has just presumably broken the phone that he had just gotten a service that only works in Canada for, all to protect his signature. The two begin to laugh hysterically, until Gabe starts strangling Toby, with Toby struggling to pry Gabe's hands off his neck

Plot of Adventure 4: Incognito-BuscusEdit



Do it! Incognito-Buscus!

Scene 1/2 | Setting: Buscus's home Edit

Tobuscus is bored (as he is in the beginning of all adventures so far), so he tells Gabuscus that he wants to do something. Gabuscus suggests he go somewhere by himself, but Tobuscus insists Gabuscus come too. Tobuscus doesn't want to be recognized in public, and the scene goes into a flashback where Tim Tim sees Tobuscus and wants him to sign his shirt. While he is crossing the street, Tim Tim refuses to look both ways, and gets hit by three cars, one on his left right and his head(wtf). The flashback ends with Tobuscus screaming "What have I done?!" while fire is everywhere in the background. The flashback ends and Gabuscus refuses to believe that it happened, and Tobuscus replies that it hasn't happened yet. Tobuscus decides to go "Incognito-Buscus", where he wears a Tobuscus shirt inside-out, due to the fact that he doesn't have any shirts that don't say Tobuscus.

Scene 2/2 | Setting: Coffee Shop Edit

Tobuscus is at a coffee shop with Gabuscus. The cashier asks him what he wants and he struggles to read the menu saying "coffee" very slowly. She asks him hot or iced and he says iced, but then looks down at her big chest and cleavage and begins to say his famous "Hothothothothot". Gabuscus tells her that Tobuscus wants it iced. She then asks him for the money and he gives her his phone number twice. The clerk asks for the name, and Tobuscus replies "Toby. Just plain Toby" and then introduces her to Gabuscus pronoucing it "Gay-Buscus".She repeats Gabe's name due to the way Toby says it to which Gabe says "It's actually Gabe" Toby then points out what Gabe's T-Shirt says.He starts to turn his shirt the right way since the woman knows Gabe's name and she asks him if he's Tobuscus (pronouncing it To-biscus) and when he answers yes, she begins to write her phone number. Tobuscus then leans over to Gabuscus saying "I'll teach you someday, Gay-Buscus". She hands the phone number over, but just as Tobuscus says "Thank you" she hands it to Gabuscus. Tobuscus begins stuttering after she says "Call me" to Gabuscus. Gabuscus puts the phone number in Tobuscus's face saying "Hot... hot... HOT!" Tobuscus replies "Ugh, God Dangit"

Plot of Adventure 5: Zombie Apocalypse Game Edit



Rid Out from Zombie!

Scene 1/4 | Setting: "The Zombies Took Over The World Yesterday"Edit

Tobuscus groans three times and finally says, "I'm bored." Gabuscus suggets him to go outside but Tobuscus says: "Cause I have allergies and the zombies took the world yesterday and I'm just tired." But Gabuscus asks the middle and Tobuscus opens the curtains. Gabuscus starts screaming and barracates the house with a few stuff. "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING?!" "I tried to yesterday."

Scene 2/4 | Setting: FlashbackEdit

We cut to the flashback of Tobuscus and Gabuscus.*Toby's holding a zombies head*  Tobuscus says, "Hey Gabuscus, guess what!" "No" "Okay" Tobuscus throws the zombie head away.

Scene 3/4 | Setting: IndieGoGo and the Video GameEdit

"Telling someone zombies took over the world is not a "guess what" situation." The zombies start to break in but Gabuscus rebuilds the shield. Tobuscus goes on his computer and tells Gabuscus that is he's going to make an IndieGoGo [fundraising] campain. Someone donates $50 and gives Gabuscus the fork to kill the zombie. Gabuscus starts throwing more forks at zombies. Then someone donates $500. Tobuscus uses Gryphon to kill the zombies asking if he wants a treat. Tobuscus then breaks the shield and tells that he has a brain. After using a bunch of stuff, Tobuscus decides to make a zombie killing video game when Tobuscus saves the day from zombies. Gabuscus: "I'm the one saving the day!" Tobuscus says, "If we raise enough, Gabuscus might even help some too a little." And presses the start and starts the campaign. Tobuscus then reveals to Gabuscus that the ding sounds from donations were from him and not people donating. They both laugh and Gabuscus then punches Tobuscus which causes Gryphon to respond by jumping at Gabuscus and shoving him through a wall revealing zombies on the other side.

Scene 4/4 | Setting: Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards! (Note, this is all of Tobuscus saying.)Edit

Tobuscus is laying on the ground exhausted and struggling to speak* "Donate link into the description to help us make a Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards! game for mobile devices where I get to be a wizard and you get to cast awesome spells to kill zombies. The game will even have cutscenes and it will look like this.*picture appears of the game* Donate and you can get awesome donations such as exculsive posters, coloring books, access to a mainlies behind the scenes of the game, VIP tickets to the launch party, you can even have your name in the credits or be animated and put into the game as a zombie so other people can kill you."


"Man, those zombies are slower than I thought." Tobuscus asks Gryphon if he could kill those zombies real quick and promises that he will pet his tummy. Gryphon slices them in half. "Oh, good boy. Who's a cute a little murderer?"

Plot of Adventure 6: Man-Venture Edit



Let's Go to Dr. Pepper 10!!!

Scene 1/5 | Setting: Toby's House Edit

Tobuscus: "Hey Gabuscus, guess what I am. C'mon, c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon guess guess guess guess guess guess guess." Gabuscus: "No." Tobuscus (we see him wearing a board with a eyes and smiley face): "Come on. Guess. Come On." Gabuscus gets annoyed and says, "Okay, your bored. Because there's a board on your face." Tobuscus says he the wooden plank face man "like from the fairy tale I told you about that I made up when I was six." And then after saying "board," he says he is bored and decides to go on an adventure. Gabuscus then tells him that there's an adevnture that he could on at the middle of the street and Tobuscus takes his sword with him.

Scene 2/5 | Setting: Tobuscus Destroys the Dr. Pepper Ten Truck and goes in the President's CarEdit

Tobuscus then talks top the street: "Greetings, street, I come seeking adventure." And Tobuscus look both ways and on the right he finds a Dr. Pepper Ten truck and destorys it. Tim Tim runs to his house. Gabuscus then is angry and says, "Oh, were going to jail." A car comes by and a man says, "Excuse me, did you do that?" Gabuscus: "No." Tobuscus answeres that he did do it. The man says, " The person that hijacked that Dr. Pepper Ten Truck was about to blow the moon. You just saved the planet." And he asks if they would step in the car and President Barack Obama wants to talk with Tobuscus. Tobuscus steps in. Gabuscus says, "Am I dreaming?"

Scene 3/5 | Setting: Meeting Obama/Creating the Man-Venture/SponsorEdit

Gabuscus gets in the car and says (and gasps): "It's the President." "Gentlemen, I-" Tobuscus interrupts saying, "Woah, he said you wanted one word." and then forgives the guy who let him in the car. Obama thanks Tobuscus for saving the planet. And the president of Dr. Pepper Ten talks to Tobuscus and says, "You blew up one of our Dr. Pepper Ten trucks but you also saved the Dr. Pepper Ten Brand from being associated with the destruction of our moon." And heasks what can they do to repay him for that. Tobuscus demands to make him not bored. "How about we send you on the manliest adventure ever?" Tobuscus replies with enthusiasm "Woah, we'll call it the MANVENTURE-venture-venture." Obama then holds up a can of Dr, Pepper as the president announces that he has to drink it on his adventure due to it being a sponsor thing.

Scene 4/5 | Setting: ManVentureEdit

Tobuscus is drinking a Dr. Pepper Ten while all this is happening*  Tobuscus and Gabuscus are on a roller coaster. Tobuscus and Gabuscus are riding jetskis. Tobuscus flies in a plane doing a barrel roll. They ride down ziplines. They fly jetpacks down and a man says, "Are you serious?!"

Scene 5/5 | Setting: On The Moon/Moon StabbedEdit

Tobuscus and Gabuscus head to the moon. Tobuscus (hugs the moon): "Oh, moon, I love you moon. I'd never let anything happen to you. You're my nightlight." Gabuscus facepalms again but cracks the helmets glass. A hissing noise from the helmet is heard. Tobuscus finds the moon stabbed by the flag saying, "Oh no, who stabbed that into you? Oh, I am sorry about that moon. It will never happen again."


Tobuscus (groans): "I'm not bored. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Waiiiiiiit. *pause* Okay I'm bored." *Gabuscus facepalms*

Trivia/Easter Eggs/Errors/GagsEdit

  • On the board with the Dead Island poster there are 3 other posters. 2 with stick figure with blank and angry expressions. The third one is a missing poster that shows the wors missing at the top with a squirtle under it that looks like the GonzoSSM turtle, only smaller. There is also a torn of poster too.
  • There is a poster of Ezio from one of Tobuscus' Assassin's Creed Literal that says "Kill 'em with your AWESOME" in the first adventure. 
  • There is a man being hung on the Dead Island poster
  • During the kick made by Gabuscus on the zombie chick it shows the words FALCON KICK in the bottom right corner, and the zombie had an =3 face.
  • Next to the 2 presents is a GonzoSSM turtle toy.
  • Toby loses the portal gun while falling infinitely
  • There is a poster in the background, in the first adventure it is an AC poster that says Kill em with your awesome, while the other 2 have a Darkness Redness Whiteness poster.
  • Gabuscus was reading a manly men book in the third adventure
  • In Adventure #5 Gabuscus is reading a magazine that says" I LIKE GIRLS MISS MUSCLE".