Tobuscus rants are videos made by Toby, who rants about things many people get annoyed by such as auto-correct and allergies.

Password rant Edit

In this rant Toby talks about how passwords ask stupid questions and that you can't pick what questions they ask. This was also his first rant

Christmas rant Edit

Toby talks about how hard it is to tell if your girlfriend is trying to hint a Christmas gift or is just complaining This was his second rant

Voicemail rant Edit

In Toby's third rant he talks about how voicemail "bots" can't be changed or taken off.

Auto-correct rant Edit

In this rant Tobuscus talks about how predictive text is messed up he says that "if I say I want to go to togos. Then it says 'I want to to to to to GOD DANGIT'" at the very end he has written his outro and it says "bless your fact. If you sneezed dying thing video scream you." (Opposed to 'bless your face. If you sneezed during this video, bless you.)

Allergy rant Edit

In this rant toby talks about how allergies suck and that your body shouldn't be allergic to delicious things such as peanuts and shellfish. He says that he works on the Internet but can't pet kittens.