LITERAL Twilight Eclipse Trailer Parody-0

LITERAL Twilight Eclipse Trailer Parody-0

LITERAL: Twilight Eclipse is an Literal Trailer uploaded by Toby on Mar 17, 2010.

Lyrics Edit

Summit logo, clouds on top, lens flare.

This shot cost more than I made last year.


Fade, wide shot blue flowers.

Fade to their embrace more flowers fade (fade).

To a sunset, fade to some Hobbits (hobbits).

Dakota's now legal in 31 states.

From the worldwide best.


In a bed.

Fade to Robert's face on a pillow.

Kristen's face, look up cut.

Kristen and her dad. Dad thinks she's hot.

Run to Mom.

This swamp represents the mood (sad).

Hold her hand, Taylor's face.

Kristen's face.

Will they kiss?

No. It all begins with a choice.

Fade to Taylor's face.

Robert's face, fade to.

Kristen contemplates her taste in men.