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    Some of you may have already heard about the rape allegations against Tobusus from his ex-girlfriend, April Fletcher. I only heard about this two days ago and I'm trying to learn as much about this event as I can. Currently, I have only managed to watch a video about this by another one of Toby's ex-gf, Jaclynn Glenn. 

    My current position is that I don't know. As WikiBuscus, I think the wiki will naturally shift the opinion to Toby's side. I want the wiki to state facts and not opinions. If it's proven that Fletcher lied, this wiki will call her out as a lier but if it's proven if Toby actually did rape her, this wiki accept that fact.

    This is a sad time for all Tobuscus fans and let's all hope that the allegations are false. ~MilezTailzProw…

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    Some Changes.

    January 13, 2015 by MilezTailzPrower

    Recently the Wikia staff has accepted my adoption request, and now I am a Admin! So I will be making a few changes for the better. Note: I will not be a dictator.

    Here's a short list of the changes:

    Message Walls

    I will enable the Message Walls.


    I will make some theme changes, such as adding a wallpaper.


    I do have experience and knowledge of MediaWiki pages, so I will be working with them.


    Please note the plural: I will be making XxKoopaTroopaxX a admin since he has helped the wiki a lot in the past.


    That's right. Before now, spammers and trolls can get away. Now we can ban them!


    I will also enable forums.

    Homepage Protection

    I will protect the homepage due to it being vandalized in the past.

    Article Deletion

    A lot of crap…

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    I remember about a year ago, Tobuscus was making commercials for Cartoon Network. What happened to that?

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