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  • Thecattygrl

    Ranked Number One!

    August 17, 2012 by Thecattygrl

    Yes! I am ranked above the creator!

    To all of you guys who are anonymous and doing those amazing edits, you really should just log in...

    I hardly make that many edits. I should not have this position.


    I'd like it if you went and read my Doctor Who\Tobuscus fic - Stop Vlogging In My TARDIS.

    Also, I've got a collab story with TheMastersDaughter - Tobuscus The 12th Doctor.

    I'd put a gif in here, but alas, only Tumblr gives me that.

    Instead, enjoy this picture of Toby in a Santa hat.

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  • Thecattygrl

    HaHa! Ten Badges!

    June 16, 2012 by Thecattygrl

    Hey, Guys!

    I know you honestly have no interest in what I'm saying, but I'm making this blog anyway.


    What we have here is a very important situation. I've been working on this one picture for, like, ever and I just can't seem to get Toby's hair right. It's annoying as all anything.

    Also, does anyone else think Toby looks a little like David Tennant? I do.

    Well, other than my badge count, I don't have much to say so... BYE!

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  • Thecattygrl

    Fan "Art"

    May 25, 2012 by Thecattygrl

    HEY, Guys~!

    As you can see on the Fan Art page, I put one of my own fics {"YouToby"}... GO READ IT~!

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  • Thecattygrl

    Hey, Guys! Catty here!

    I've come to give you some really annoying translations of "Dramatic Song" including: English, German, Spanish and Japanese. ENJOY! /totally-random\

    This song sounds dramatic but I'm bad at writing words. If you don't speak English, this probably sounds pretty good.

    You'd probably think I'm singing bout some pretty serious stuff. But in reality, I'm singing 'bout the lack of stuff i'm singing 'bout.

    This part's intense. And emotional. As long as you don't understand it.

    Your foreign grandma would love this song.

    Please send it to her, and she'll probably tell her foreign friends about the song her grandson or daughter sent her today.

    This song might hit the charts in her country if parts sounded like Coldplay.

    If the chorus sounds like C…

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